Fruit Basket / Plain


It is the design and practical object for fruit. Easy to carry from the kitchen to the dining room... It can be practical in a pocket on a console in a hall!

Le bambou se nettoie très facilement puisqu’il n’est pas poreux. Agréable au toucher, légère et silencieuse, la vaisselle en bambou ne tinte pas désagréablement si elle est disposée un peu vivement sur la table.

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Dimensions :

  • Diameter: 30 cm / height: 29 cm / width: 21 cm

Practical information :

  • Maintenance is done by hand: hot water, washing-up liquid, rinse and wipe thoroughly after washing. No dishwasher, no microwave.

Further information

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Anthracite, White, Blue, Dreamy Blue, Duck, Raspberry, Yellow, Majorelle, Natural, Orange, Peacock, Provence, Boudoir Pink, Red, Sand, Fir, Mole, Green