Fruit Basket / Mother-of-Pearl Shells


It is the design and practical object for fruit. Easy to carry from the kitchen to the dining room... It can be practical in a pocket on a console in a hall!

Bamboo is very easy to clean after containing food since it is not porous, so it will not retain any taste or smell. Pleasant to the touch, light and quiet, bamboo tableware does not tingle unpleasantly if placed a little sharply on the table. Excellent insulator, bamboo also keeps dishes warm or cool.

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Dimensions :

  • Diameter: 30 cm / height: 29 cm / width: 21 cm

Practical information :

  • Bamboo products can contain liquid or solid food, hot (max. 60°C) or cold. The same applies to coconuts lacquered on the outside. Those lacquered on the inside are decorative.
  • Maintenance is done by hand: hot water, washing-up liquid, rinse and wipe thoroughly after washing. No dishwasher, no microwave.

Further information

Weight 0.920 kg
Shell and Pearl Finishes

White shells, Black shells, Red shells, Black shells, Red shells, White shells, Blue shells, Black shells, Black shells, Pink shells